First major release with a bunch of new features and fixes.

New Features
  • You can now create reusable templates
  • Templates are excluded from Yoast SEO admin shenanigans by default
  • Preliminary remove Mesh Settings on Uninstall
  • You can now filter how many mesh_templates, mesh_templates_per_page are queried if you have a lot of templates (More than 50)
  • Better version tracking and upgrade process
  • You can now filter the output of mesh_loop_end; an example would be to stop the default output of mesh_display_sections
  • Better “in progress and busy” state of page building
  • New Welcome message on Mesh Templates Post List to help guide users
  • Initial implementation for documentation generation

  • Some localization strings that needed sprucing up (old MCS references)
  • Some style updates (notifications, tightened up some visuals for consistency)
  • Typo in Mesh settings text field utility method
  • Offset now displays properly within Post Edit screen on page load
  • When setting an offset to 7,8 or 9 on single column (12) visual did not match what was being stored in post_meta
  • Minor security improvements
  • Now running Mesh admin sections through wp_kses with a custom set of whitelisted elements and attributes
  • After deleting all sections within a post you had to refresh the pages before you could get your controls back
  • New sections could not toggle post box collapse with out a page refresh
  • Ordering of sections was being lost when updating a post
  • Some formatting issues in the readme
  • When going from more to less columns you can now trash unused columns (Thanks for the find @kelter)
  • If you added a section then immediately tried to resize a JS error would occur to do aria checks

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