• Fixed bug causing ‘Show Title’ checkbox to not work correctly
  • Minor Code Climate configuration changes.
  • Minor formatting changes for markdown linting.


This is a point release that focuses on a few bugs that were brought to our attention on our github issue tracker. @maxinacube also made some changes related to future template customizations.

New Features
  • Added do_action hooks to Mesh templates for even more extendability (before/after section, before/after row)
  • Include data-interchange in Mesh allowed HTML on section elements
  • Fixed up some undefined indexes for css_class and push_pull
  • Include form elements in Mesh allowed HTML and loosen some sanitization


New Features
  • Added support for Yoast SEO page analysis.
  • Added support for scripts within urls within TinyMCE.
  • Added support for duplicating sections of a post using “Duplicate Post” Plugin
  • Added support for duplicating sections of a post using “Post Duplicator” Plugin
  • Controls within Sections and Columns/Blocks are now extendable for developers with the filters mesh_section_controls and mesh_block_controls
  • First implementation of block caching layer.
  • First time users will now have an improved onboarding process.
  • Existing users will now be presented with a notification to view “What’s new”
  • WordPress Coding Coding Standards
  • Improved build process.
  • Improved code analysis process within codeclimate
  • Remove trailing whitespace from row class
  • Remove checks for equalizer in the 1 column template
  • Fixed a bug where reordering would stop that section from working properly until refresh.
  • Fixed a bug where collapsed sections could not be toggled open after a new section was added
  • Fixed a bug when excluding Mesh template related taxonomies from the generated sitemap
  • Fixed a bug where section and block background images were displayed before “update” / “publish”
  • More security hardening for potential XSS and CSRF.
  • Fixed a bug where trashing unused blocks was more aggressive than it should be. Simma down nah.
  • Fixed a pesky bug what would delete your content if you changed column count before saving.
  • A bunch of little things under the hood you probably won’t notice


  • Confirmed 4.8 compatibility
  • Fix for issue within “content” being replaced when it shouldn’t be
  • Fix for duplicated sections not applying the proper date.


  • Setup Code Climate and Code Climate test coverage reporting
  • Include mesh.js.map in Grunt build
  • Introduce a CONTRIBUTING.md file
  • Added a .travis.yml file to automate our unit tests
  • Added addtextdomain task to the Grunt configuration
  • Added JSON files to Code Climate grading
  • Added node_modules folder to the .gitignore
  • Update unit test install scripts
  • Changed esc_attr_e() and esc_html_() calls to echo esc_attr() and echo esc_html() when containing a variable
  • Remove makepot task from the Grunt configuration
  • Exclude the Michelf library from Code Climate scanning
  • Remove languages folder
  • Replace Michelf library with Parsedown
  • Fixed undefined index foundation_version
  • Fixed bug for .row max-width being set to rem-calc(1200)
  • Fixed issue within visual editors within blocks; the html was being saved instead of the raw data; wpautop filter should still be applied if available
  • Hot fix bug with Foundation interchange conflict
  • Fixed PHP warnings when retrieving mesh_post_types when it is not yet set


  • Added ability to filter mesh_tiny_mce_before_init to allow even more extended option filtering
  • Added default support for interchange using Mesh even if your theme isn’t built on Foundation
  • Added actions mesh_section_add_before_misc_actions and mesh_section_add_misc_actions for more customization
  • Added ability to preview sections that are not published yet
  • Updated templates to default to “starter” mesh_template_type taxonomy term
  • Fixed equalize options should not show if the section is only 1 column wide.
  • Fixed some minor typos
  • Fixed minor display issue that occurred when removing all Mesh sections on a post


  • Window will now scroll to the newest block when adding a new section
  • Fixed selected/upload background images were not displaying within admin until refresh
  • Fixed Mesh Template order consistently when closing
  • Fixed Block resizing was broken in some instances
  • Fixed Mesh titles displaying outside of their container if the title is too long


  • Added exclusion for Mesh Template taxonomies when using WordPress / Yoast SEO
  • Added the ability to select which version of Foundation your theme is using (Defaults to Foundation 5)
  • Added mesh-background custom image size (1920 x 1080) by default
  • Added filters to define what images sizes will be used by interchange
  • Fixed interchange on section and block background images


  • Fixed compatibility issue with PHP 5.4 (Thanks @missmuttly and @tecbrat)


  • Added Equalizer minimum breakpoint support for Foundation 6
  • Updated Changelog should have proper information now (Thanks for the find @kelter)
  • Updated Ajax to not save column width in realtime [#17]
  • Fixed Some minor copy / typo adjustments
  • Fixed Some css / icon changes
  • Fixed Welcome message not displaying properly [#36]