• Quality of life fixes for UI.
  • Background images can now be removed on blocks!
  • Tons of refactoring for section and block option customization
  • Fixed offset selector being shown when it shouldn’t be
  • You can now center blocks within single column sections ( any width smaller than 12 columns )
  • You can now set the width of a single column section to any width you want (higher than 3 columns by default)
  • Mesh is even more compatible with Foundation Flex Grid, XY Grid, CSS Grid and even more custom grid systems.
  • Added new “Foundation 6.4.X” option within Foundation Menu of Mesh Settings
  • Added new setting to select Float, Flex and XY grids in Foundation Menu of Mesh Settings
  • Developers will find section and block controls have even more flexibility (documentation to come soon)
  • Better css when hovering a draggable columns.
  • Moved and Refactored a ton of methods to be more organized (utilities.php)
  • Added utility methods for outputting CSS Classes and other attributes for sections, rows and columns
  • Added more descriptions to options within Mesh Settings
  • Added Mesh_Input class to handle building all input markup (dramatically cutting down code duplications between blocks and sections)
  • Added a nag message for reviews. Please help!
  • Added a ton of new filters
    • You can now define your own max columns using the `mesh_max_columns` filter
    • Filter html attributes for sections, rows and columns, `mesh_element_attributes`
    • Filter html attributes for sections mesh_section_attributes
    • Filter html attributes for rows mesh_row_attributes
    • Filter html attributes for columns mesh_column_attributes
    • Filter css classes for rows mesh_row_classes
    • Filter css classes for title mesh_section_title_css_classes
    • Filter css classes for columns mesh_column_classes
    • Filter available responsive grid systems mesh_responsive_grid_systems
    • Filter available to override available foundation versions mesh_foundation_version
    • Filter to define the max columns of a given row mesh_max_columns┬áDefault remains 12
  • Tons of CSS refactoring to make the UI cleaner
  • Media and TinyMCE menus of each section now collapse when viewing smaller blocks for a better overall experience.
  • TinyMCE default settings are now shared between blocks built with php and javascript.
  • Dramatically cut down the code needed within mesh php templates (Developers may want to review any custom templates on a staging environment)
  • Admin area now utilizes Mesh_Responsive grid class more extensively
  • Minor code formatting for code climate / WPCS
  • Minor security enhancements to escape admin related content on output
  • Minor JavaScript optimizations
  • Column resizing is now more responsive. Sections no longer redraw on every “slide”, instead only redraw after a change occurs.

As usual you can always submit issues on on https://github.com/linchpin/mesh/issues or https://wordpress.org/plugins/mesh

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