• Setup Code Climate and Code Climate test coverage reporting
  • Include mesh.js.map in Grunt build
  • Introduce a CONTRIBUTING.md file
  • Added a .travis.yml file to automate our unit tests
  • Added addtextdomain task to the Grunt configuration
  • Added JSON files to Code Climate grading
  • Added node_modules folder to the .gitignore
  • Update unit test install scripts
  • Changed esc_attr_e() and esc_html_() calls to echo esc_attr() and echo esc_html() when containing a variable
  • Remove makepot task from the Grunt configuration
  • Exclude the Michelf library from Code Climate scanning
  • Remove languages folder
  • Replace Michelf library with Parsedown
  • Fixed undefined index foundation_version
  • Fixed bug for .row max-width being set to rem-calc(1200)
  • Fixed issue within visual editors within blocks; the html was being saved instead of the raw data; wpautop filter should still be applied if available
  • Hot fix bug with Foundation interchange conflict
  • Fixed PHP warnings when retrieving mesh_post_types when it is not yet set

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